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Our new service for distribution

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consider the request of reactivity of the market



This new service is also the warranty for quality and reliability

The service 10 days chrono

The service 10 days chrono gives a fast manufacturing of O’Ring in technical compound to the customer


The O’Ring is individually checked, drawn and accompanied with certificate of compliance


The service  10 days chrono comes to complete the overall supply existing at your disposal


The supply of total commodity



Ha to be produced




* Standard Deadlines


The contents of the service

We produce the order in  10 days in a dedicated workshop


The time of transport is included in 10 days


Means of O’Ring in more than 70 compounds

  • IIR- CR - NBR – HNBR - EPDM – FKM – Q – FMVQ –
  • Including food approvalsfor food drinking water and gas mixtures
  • realized at the first level of clean equipments


Load capacity from 1 to 7000  pièces

  • According to the number of imprints of the mold (D Int 1.00mm à 710mm)
  • According to the compounds of O’rings selected
  • The maximum number of parts defined according to the compounds and the size.


Dimension and size proposed, based on our existing tools park equipment            ( +7000 ).Time of  tools creation  is integrated into 10DC.


For reasons of process-time, we exclude the inhouse coating, the plan and particular specifications.

How does it work…

You proposed and defined the need with your customer


   - sizes / compounds / quantity / specifications drawing

We communicate with you about estimated price and number of parts


A service started for our customers

A dedicated workshop


  Press with injection and compression


  100% traceability and customized packaging


  Certificate of origin

Inspection tools